The Mission Embedded experts provide support during all phases of a product's life-cycle – from design and development, all the way to production and maintenance of the system. Even during the planning stage, you will already benefit from our extensive experience with on-going operations over exceedingly long life-cycles.

If absolutely dependable systems for safety and system-critical applications are what you need, we are the experts for you. Enjoy the advantage of having a one-stop-shop for all your embedded projects, big and small.

- Advanced Technologies -

"We pair the right components." We assist you in choosing the best technology for your project. Taking your specific requirements into account, we combine state-of-the-art components from the semiconductor industry and off-the-shelf technology blocks with a suitable operating system (e.g. Linux, QNX), creating a stable framework for your tailor-made platform or product. Our proven building blocks speed up your product innovation and time-to-market. During the technology qualification and selection process, you will benefit not only from our extensive experience, but also from our established partnerships and alliances with leading technology providers.

- Co-Design & Co-Engineering -

"We know how to master complexity." The hardware, software, and mechanics of a system are closely interdependent. Our cross-functional team ensures that they are perfectly integrated with one another. Our hardware and software experts work together closely to create a seamless system, including the mechanics and housing, the (base)board, a Board Support Package, hardware optimized signal/data processing, the OS, system and networking services, and of course the application.

- Certification & Approval Support -

"We stay on track, even on difficult paths." When developing your system, we work in accordance with the regulatory requirements pertinent to your product’s field of application. Throughout the entire development process, we ensure that every component meets these requirements. Once complete, we provide all the necessary certification artifacts and support you during the certification and approval process of your system.

- Production & Logistics -

"We take care of your mission." It is our mission to make your needs and preferences top priority. As a development service provider, we ensure a smooth transition to production. As a system provider, we can take care of the production and logistics for you.

- Long-term Lifecycle Management -

"Some systems have to operate for decades." As your reliable partner, we support you every step of the way with intelligent strategies and proactive planning. Long after the development is completed, our life-cycle management team will assist you in maintaining your system long-term by helping you keep it up-to-date and making adjustments when necessary.

- Safety, Security, Reliability -

"Dependability can be a matter of life and death." We take an integrated approach to our system design with a focus on safety, security, reliability, and compliance engineering. We minimize the risk associated with your system and safeguard it against external threats. Based on your needs, we ensure optimal reliability and compliance with the relevant norms and regulations.