Mission Report -

Maximum reliability for communication systems


Mission Embedded and Variscite make sure you stay connected. We are on a mission for maximum reliability in safety-critical applications. 

Mission Embedded, a Frequentis engineering services company, is your expert and partner for dependable, tailor-made solutions for your innovative ideas. We provide more than 30 years of expertise in the field of mission-critical embedded systems, audio, video, and vision. Our designs have been operated for decades in a variety of fields such as industrial, transportation, medical, public safety, and defense.  

Safety-enhanced platform for multiple applications

Together with our partner Variscite, we developed a multi-purpose platform for operational communication systems based on our safety-enhanced Embedded Linux System and voice over IP technology. The system is distinguished by its excellent audio quality and minimal power dissipation, as well as its industrial grade components and design. Certifications include IEC61508, ED-153, ED-109, CE and UL.

Experts for fast innovations

Leveraging the Variscite SOM in combination with Mission Embedded’s technologies and building blocks, our experienced design team was able to always stay one step ahead of the competition, finalizing the project in the very short time frame of just four months.

Tailor-made solutions that fit

Our tailor-made communication solutions enable us to transform your needs into complete and adaptable systems for a large variety of possible applications, including use by security forces, emergency services, in control centers, and on board vehicles.

Benefit from:

  • dependable, safety-enhanced Embedded Linux
  • video, vision, audio expertise
  • rapid customization and integration into your products
  • software-hardware co-design
  • safety, security and regulatory approval expertise

Get in touch with us to discuss your innovation ideas and benefit from having a one-stop-shop for all your embedded development projects.