We have a direct line to your mission.
With or without wires.

We have extensive experience in the field of wireless and wired communication technology in safety-relevant applications where reliable communication and low latency is of particular importance.

Whether your mission is to increase your Wi-Fi’s reliability or range, to optimise your end-to-end streaming delay or to measure the distance between radio devices – we have the solution that’s right for you. Benefit from our proven building blocks and expertise: in terms of costs, time to market and level of maturity.

We keep an eye on your mission.
Find out more about our video systems.

Of all our senses, the visual sense gives us the most information. Bearing this in mind, we provide you with the appropriate embedded video systems, the knowhow and the components you need to control and monitor critical missions. With a stereoscopic virtual reality view, you can even navigate remotely controlled vehicles from far distances.

But there is more: embedded stereo computer vision solutions even allow you to calculate the dimensions and exact position of any object, and to classify and track it. And if time is of the essence, we have the suitable low latency video system for you.

We offer the perfect platform(s) to accomplish your mission.

Your batteries are running low, but you haven’t yet completed your mission? Not a problem with our low power systems. The development tasks outside your core business area are taking up too much attention and time? Let us take care of these tasks for you by implementing our proven platforms and speed up your product innovation with our fast boot, secure and high assurance boot, fail-safe software updates and the suitable frameworks for your device and fleet management.

Mission Embedded has been developing, deploying and maintaining Embedded Linux devices for more than 10 years. Our Embedded Linux platforms are being used for safety-critical applications in different markets, ranging from transportation, medical, defence, and air traffic management, as well as in industrial applications.